OJSC "Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant"

Patriarch of Siberian Metallurgy

Short name: OJSC "GMZ"
Tax ID: 4204000253
OKPO: 00186223
OGRN: 1024200661264
Location: 652780, Kemerovo region, city of Gurevsk, Gagarina street, house 1
Mailing address: 652780, Kemerovo region, city of Gurevsk, Gagarina street, house 1
Date of registration: May 12, 1996
Name of registering authority: Administration of the city of Gurevsk
Director: Vladimir Nikolaevich Dvoryanchikov (General Director)


Steel production at the Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant is represented by two Martin furnaces, the capacity of which allows producing up to 210 thousand tons of steel per year.

In March 2009, a large-scale modernization of Martin furnace No. 1 was completed: the capacity was expanded, and the productivity increased to 110 thousand tons of liquid steel per year.

The charge to the Martin furnaces is fed on muld compositions, and the raw material is fed using two charging machines. Today, the Gurevsky steelmakers increase the level of production by using technological innovations, equipping the production with instrumentation and automation equipment, and using refractory materials of increased strength.

Rolled product manufacturing is equipped with a 700 rolling mill and a 500/400 mill, arranged in two lines.

In the rolling mill, a square is obtained from the billet coming from the Martin shop, then it is cut on hot metal shears and fed into the mill.

The feature of the Gurevsky plant's rolling production is that its mills are linear. They are easily reconfigurable and allow for the production of desired, including small, batches of rolled products of complex profiles and any configuration.

The finished rolled product is fed to the rail cooler, cut into lengths of standard length by hot metal saws or cold metal cutting presses. All shaped rolled products undergo straightening on roller straightening machines. The finished products are packed with special metal straps and marked with plastic tags with a barcode. In late 2009, the production of rolled products with a cutting length of 11.7 meters was mastered, which best meets modern construction standards.

Ball rolling production is equipped with two ball rolling complexes with a total capacity of 200 thousand tons per year. Heating of the initial billet on each complex is carried out in a roller-type heating furnace, rolling is performed in cross-roll mills. After that, the balls are hardened in a screw drum and rolled into receiving hoppers.

16%-23% of the mineral raw materials in Russia and the CIS are currently ground with balls produced in Gurevsk. The wide range of this product allows mining and processing, cement, and other enterprises to set optimal parameters for the operation of mills at all stages of grinding. The Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant is one of the few in Russia to produce balls with a diameter of 25 mm, which are used in the gold mining industry.

In October 2007, a heat treatment furnace was put into operation, which has no analogs in Russia. This allowed the Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant to start producing balls with increased volume hardness. Thus, the Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant became the only producer of balls in Russia, which significantly exceed the requirements of the current Russian standard in terms of their quality characteristics.

The reliability and smooth operation of the main production units of the Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant are ensured by a technically equipped repair base, a developed energy sector, specialized laboratories for the analysis of raw materials, materials, and finished products, the work of automotive, railway workshops, and other auxiliary units.