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ATTENTION!!! Dear visitors of JSC "GMZ"!

Special measures have been introduced at JSC "GMZ" to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Citizens who come for personal appointments are advised to communicate in writing. At the entrance to the administration building, a box for receiving incoming documents has been installed. Documents requiring signature are handed over to the responsible employee of the enterprise in the lobby of the administration building.

Overhaul of Crane

At Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant, a major overhaul of the railway crane KZhDE-25 has been completed. On November 1, its tests were successfully conducted before being put into operation. During the overhaul, almost all units and aggregates of the crane were restored.
"Now the renovated crane is involved in production: it is used for unloading and loading of raw materials and materials entering the plant," commented Alexander Vasilyevich Matveev, a leading specialist in the repair and maintenance department of JSC "GMZ".

Shooting Competition

On September 29, 2021, shooting competitions with an air rifle were held among the employees of JSC "GMZ". 20 employees of the plant passed the accuracy test. In the team competition among structural units, two people participated from each unit. The team of the cast iron foundry section of the Martin workshop became the winner of the competition with a result of 81 points out of 100 possible. The team of the energy resource supply workshop took the second place with 70 points. The team of the rolling mill workshop took the third place with 62 points. In the individual competition, winners were also determined. The most accurate shooter was Yuri Kinyov, senior shift master of the rolling mill workshop, with 46 points out of 50 possible. In second place was Mikhail Pakhomov, head of the planning and economic department, with a result of 42 points. Third place with 41 points was taken by Vladislav Shishkin, accumulator of the railway workshop. The winners were awarded with certificates of honor and gift certificates.

New Recuperator

A new recuperator is being installed in the rolling mill workshop of JSC "GMZ", which is used for fuel savings during combustion. Its commissioning will allow the enterprise to reduce fuel consumption for the heating furnace. "Another recuperator was put into operation in June in the rolling mill workshop. Thus, today we have completed the replacement of all recuperators of the enterprise with more modern ones," commented Vladimir Denisenko, head of the repair and maintenance department.

Tree Planting

On August 17, the employees of the plant completed the planting of new trees and shrubs on the reclaimed lands of the slag dump of the enterprise.
"We planted 60 pine trees and 20 sea buckthorn bushes. Employees of the cast iron foundry and automotive sections took part in the planting. Specialized equipment was used in the work: a loader delivering soil to the planting site, an excavator, a watering machine, and a truck with seedlings. To ensure that the trees take root well, watering will be organized during weekly clean-up events," said Alexander Korotkevich, Chief Ecologist of JSC "GMZ".

Metallurgists for Clean Rivers and Banks!

On August 13, employees of the Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant held a clean-up event on the Malyy Bachat River.
"The employees cleaned the banks of the Malyy Bachat River under the bridge at the checkpoint No. 2. A lot of work was done. Preparation activities were carried out for three days before the clean-up event. Branches of overgrown trees and shrubs were cut down in advance. The cut branches were manually lifted up. As a result of the work, two dump trucks of garbage were removed. And the river gained a clean bank!" explains Andrey Kholin, Head of the Production Department of JSC "GMZ".

GMZ Products – Exhibition Exhibit!

On August 6, employees of the History Department of the Kuzbass State Local Lore Museum conducted a tour for the plant's employees. The Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant became a partner of the exhibition dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass and provided unique products for the exposition, dedicated to the industrial development of Siberia.
"It is nice to see the products of our plant from different years on display as exhibits," says Alexander Abramenko, Director of the Personnel Department. "The Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant was founded in 1816, has a rich history, and occupies a special place in the industrial development of Siberia. The exhibition will run until December 10. All those interested in the history of their native land will be able to see it."

New Crane

A new crane has been installed in the rolling mill department of the Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant. Currently, installation and commissioning work is actively underway, after which the lifting equipment will be put into operation.
The crane was manufactured at the Ufa Crane Plant," explains Alexander Matveev, a leading specialist in the repair and maintenance department. "This is not the first lifting equipment from this manufacturer that is used at our plant. The new crane has several advantages: a convenient cabin with a split system, an anti-vibration chair, and joysticks that make control easy. This makes the work of the crane operators more comfortable. In addition, the metal structures of the new crane are stronger and more durable, which increases its service life. After the commissioning work, the specialized organization LLC "Stankoservice" will test the crane to sign the technical readiness certificate."

Back to Camp!

On August 5th, the children of Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant employees set off for the "Zvezdochka" children's health camp in Mezhdurechensk. Parents gathered in the square of the plant management to see off their children.
"The company not only provides discounted vouchers to the camp at 10% of the total cost, but also arranges transportation for the children," says Vladimir Makarov, a specialist in social programs. "We arrange for a bus that departs from the square of the plant management, accompany the children on the way, settle them in, and at the end of the 21-day season, we bring them back. We are glad that this year we managed to organize children's recreation. Last summer, due to the pandemic, such an opportunity was not available."
For reference: Gurevsky Metallurgical Plant has three main types of production: Martin, rolled steel, and ball rolling. The plant is a recognized leader in the market for grinding balls in Russia. It is the first enterprise in Russia where the technology of low-temperature tempering of balls was applied. With the same content of non-metallic inclusions, the Gurevsky ball has impact resistance 3.5 times higher and wear resistance 1.5 times higher than a ball produced by conventional technology.

Our Pride

On July 10th, on the Celebration Square in Gurevsk, an award ceremony was held to mark the 300th anniversary of Kuzbass, the City Day, and the Metallurgist Day. The following employees of the plant were awarded the medal "For Contribution to the Development of the Gurevsky District":
- Yuri Ivanovich Petrov, head of the repair-mechanical department section;
- Oleg Uvenalievich Krupennikov, roller assembler and transferor of cells of the 6th grade of the rolling shop;
- Igor Alekseevich Vorsov, head of the shipment section of the rolled products rolling shop;
- Sergey Anatolyevich Brezhnev, master of the energy supply shop;
- Anastasia Sergeevna Yuminova, cargo and baggage receiver of the railway shop;
- Victor Pavlovich Tyutrin, 4th grade turner of the quality control department;
- Alexander Nikolaevich Begaykin, head of the ball rolling shop;
- Vyacheslav Aleksandrovich Shkilyov, senior master, engaged in hot work sections of the Martin shop;
- Alexander Anatolyevich Bagrintsev, forklift driver, 6th grade of the motor transport shop;
- Yevgeny Vyacheslavovich Tokarev, chief economist of the planning and economic department.